Close to the City. Even Closer to the Sea

In the hilly salt meadow along the coast and with the Øresund right at the end of the bathing steps. Welcome to Bakkedraget and its 124 very bright and unique apartments – simply in a league never previously offered for let in Denmark. Ready for occupation in September 2021.

Enjoy your view of the Øresund

Bakkedraget invites you to a life close to the city, but even closer to the sea and the unique nature of the area. You can enjoy your view of the Øresund and an entirely maintenance-free home. Have a cooling dip or set a kayak on the water and dream away.

Buildings Formed by the Landscape and the History of the Area

The three buildings of Bakkedraget almost resemble rocks, displaced on various floors and levels – exactly like the hilly meadow landscape surrounding them. This creates a lot of penthouse apartments, inviting rooftop terraces and balconies which make the outdoor spaces more intimate and private.

The concrete beams on the facades provide the robust buildings with a horizontal and slightly urban look, and the concrete also gives the building a raw and urban look which refers to the area’s industrial past as a brewing area.

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View over Meadow and Sound

The locations of the buildings provide views over the salt meadow and the Øresund, and most of the apartments have balconies/terraces with morning and evening sun.

Many of the balconies have masonry on several sides, which creates lovely nooks, sheltered from the wind. The terraces are surrounded by brickwork on most sides, but are often open at one end for a better view.

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Letting the Outdoor Life in - and the Indoor Life Out

Every one of the 124 bright and exclusive homes offers a truly special sense of space, where the boundaries between the inside and outside almost vanish. The outdoor life is invited in through balconies, terraces and French balconies. The indoors floors and ceilings inside continue into roofed outdoor spaces, and the large floor-to-ceiling windows reflect the sky and open up the facades to let the light in.

Light Décor & Ready for Moving In

The exclusive apartments at Bakkedraget have wide open spaces, white-painted walls and bright and inviting kitchens – and are ready for moving in, easy to furnish. The doors in solid oak and the bright and beautiful oak floors invite nature in.

At Bakkedraget there are more than 40 different types of home, so you can easily find a home that suits you.

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An Almost Exaggerated Nature

Bakkedraget is part of the Tuborg Strandeng area. These apartments for rent provide a unique opportunity to live close to the water in Gentofte Municipality. 100,000 m2 of hilly and wild meadow landscape where nature trails meander between the hills and the special vegetation, which resembles that of Tisvilde Hegn in North Zealand. The area’s few roads have coatings of gravel-like asphalt, making them look like gravel roads. Cars are hidden and parked in underground parking basements, beautifully concealed under the landscape.

At Bakkedraget you are near the elements and nature, with free access to the water and the pristine salt meadow – and close to Copenhagen.

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Read more about the exclusive homes at Bakkedraget, the area, the architecture and life by the water in our brochure.

Where do you want to live?

Find your new exclusive home among the 124 bright and unique apartments of Bakkedraget in the hilly meadow landscape.

Where do you want to live?

Find your new exclusive home among the 124 bright and unique apartments of Bakkedraget in the hilly meadow landscape.

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Apartments in Bakkedraget are offered for rent by real estate agents with specialization in exclusive homes – home v. Lone Bøegh Henriksen and Nordic Housing.

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