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Life at Kysthusene is as close to the water and nature as is possible. The outermost facades of the houses sprout from the Øresund, with a wild and beautiful meadow right behind them.

At Kysthusene, you will have optimum opportunity to enjoy an unworried life by the water. Here you can swim from the bathing steps in the courtyard. Row a kayak. Or go for a walk in the hilly meadow landscape. Of course, you can also just enjoy the spectacular view over the water, the meadow and the capital from one of your many balconies or terraces. Protected by plant zones, pergolas and the beautiful brickwork.

Harmonious Architecture on Many Levels

The exclusive coast houses have their outermost footing in the water and resemble rock formations, sprouting from the water and the coastal landscape itself.

The sculptural buildings have a robust and harmonious look. Kysthusene tower towards the sea, as if to show off their ability to resist the elements. Then they shift over numerous different levels, columns and plateaus, as if shaped and dissolved by the hilly landscape around them.

The staggered levels of the coastal houses provide a unique view of several corners of the world – and create more exciting outdoor space and light.

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Point Houses Located at the Coast

The exclusive homes most face south and have views the Bay of Svanemøllen. The houses have been created as single point houses, and placed in small scattered clusters along the coast, creating space for the large and open landscape to let the sun and the light pass unobstructed. To the other side is sky and sea as far as the eye can see.

Built-In Nature and Privacy

The landscape moves into the architecture through embedded plant zones which also shield your outdoor space, so you escape any gazes. The architects have also secured your privacy through staggered placement of the balconies and the beautiful pergolas in the passages. At Kysthusene there are no buildings directly opposite, standing in the way of the sun or a secluded life.

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Letting Outdoors In – and Indoors Out

The exclusive homes offer a truly special sense of space, where the boundaries between the inside and outside almost vanish, and the architecture lures the light, nature and elements in.

Floor-to-ceiling windows reflect the sky and are pushed to the side with double sliding doors. Large French balconies open up the rooms towards their surroundings. The indoors floors and ceilings continue into roofed outdoor spaces. Transverse masonry connects exterior space with interior space. Roof gardens and terraces open up to the sky and the plant-covered pergolas welcome nature.

Balconies, Rooftop Terraces and Rooftop Gardens

The inviting architecture on various levels creates both views and rooftop terraces. All homes have 2–4 balconies, rooftop terraces or rooftop gardens. The lovely outdoor spaces are placed so that you get both morning sun and evening sun, and so you can always find a sheltered nook during the day.

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Bright Apartments with More View

Kysthusene vary in height and have gradual reductions at the sides. Many of the homes are end-apartments with large, open plans and open facades to three sides, letting the light in. Here there are views of the water, the city and the salt meadow landscape. Many of the homes have 270° views, others 360°.

Moving into Freedom

Kysthusene are built on the very last stretch of coast to be developed in Gentofte Municipality. The secluded exclusive homes in Kysthus 1 & 2 are located at the very point where Tuborg Harbour meets the Øresund, and where the feeling of freedom is truly distinct.

Kysthusene is a part of Tuborg Strandeng’s 100,000 m2 salt meadow. In the hilly terrain, nature trails meander, and the special vegetation resembles that of Tisvilde Hegn in North Zealand. The area’s few roads have a coating of gravel-like asphalt, making them look like gravel roads, and the cars are hidden, parked in underground parking basements which are beautifully concealed under the landscape.

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Choose your unique exclusive home in Kysthus 1 or Kysthus 2 at the point of Tuborg Strandeng.


Find your new exclusive home

Choose your unique exclusive home in Kysthus 1 or Kysthus 2 at the point of Tuborg Strandeng.

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